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James Bennett

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James has been a vocal advocate for property and small business rights for many years.  He has been speaking out against the Globalist Agenda whenever he can, including at countless city council and board of supervisor meetings.  He has was a constant presence blogging, calling out their Globalist bias, indoctrination and propaganda in the local Press Democrats newspaper (which he referred to as an Agenda 21 implementation manual). James has written articles for various independent sites. Hosted a local radio show for a time and created his own independent newspaper. Challenging for someone working 50 hours a week at his business. James was also a plaintiff in two lawsuits against overreaching local government. One was as part of a huge regional His activism did not go without retribution to his personal real estate interests. 

He fought local government pushing Agenda 21 on his Sonoma County, California community and in the San Francisco Bay Area. His awakening really started when activist Rosa Koire and her partner left a flyer on his commercial property which stated that his business was subject to eminent domain as part of a large, highly impactful 'Redevelopment' scheme being conducted outside the public's purview. Their journey is recounted in Rosa's book Behind the Green Mask,

a well-researched, easy to read 172-page book that continues to expand awareness about Agenda 21 throughout the U.S. and beyond.

James also created an attractive community center in Santa Rosa that served as a place for citizens to assemble, organize, and share information.

James describes his recent life events:

"My wife and I moved to Southern Oregon after the October 2017 Sonoma County, California, Tubbs Fire demolished our home. We decided not to rebuild, as we had learned that doing any kind of real estate project in Sonoma County was an expensive exercise in frustration. I guess you could say I got burnt out of California and burnt out ON California. I just couldn't watch them deliberately ruin such a blessed place any longer. I found it deeply disturbing.

"Although I have very humble web skills, I kept feeling compelled to put together an outlet, largely for my own therapy. I just had to be a small part of this amazing, significant, transformative chapter. 

"The human race isn't here to be oppressed, sickened, deceived, and impoverished. Somehow, I always felt that disclosure and awakening was coming. Now, I truly believe it has arrived. 

"I hope to attract a few people who find some benefit from this Eyes On Lies platform."

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