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We ALL have been deceived beyond our current understanding.

We've had life-changing, sacred knowledge and technology hoarded from us.  We've had a construct of lies, indoctrination, lack and scarcity imposed on us. We've been dumbed down, poisoned and deliberately impoverished. We have been the subject of all manner of division, societal and spiritual sabotage.

What we have been witnessing is NOT the organic evolving of society. We have been played, manipulated. We've been under one big dis-info psyop. We've been the subject of very advanced social engineering. With oppressive goals in mind.

In fact, war has been (literally) declared against humanity. The enemy of humanity is a very small group of individuals who have anointed their bloodlines and those they have enfranchised as being purveyors, proprietors and overlords over all.

I would submit this:


They are often referred to as Globalists, Deep State, the Permanent or Shadow Government. They are in fact, members of a satanic international crime syndicate. They seek a One World Government - A New World Order.

They have a very specific, comprehensive blueprint to 'pull it off.' Their plan is a road map to tyranny.

To understand their plans for humanity (what could be of more import?)

  • We have to remember the tenets of COMMUNISM.

  • We need to understand that their plans include a technocracy of control.

  • We need to understand the astonishing lengths they will go to deceive.

  • We need to understand that the architects and operatives of this Agenda are possessed with a profound evil that is difficult for most of us to relate to. This has been to our detriment. 

Using common sense, an ass-umption of good will, or employing what we were taught in civic class can just give us a headache. You can't get there from here. There IS evil in our midst. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are witnessing spiritual and informational warfare.

Placating ourselves and each other will not set us free. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE! Although it is difficult to confront, EYES ON LIES will  identify the lies, the collaborators, their plans and instruments to bring about our decline. We will present opinion, interviews, important information, videos, politics and humor. 

EYES ON LIES is a place for those waking up, and those that wish to. Being deceived, culled and reduced to servitude holds no dignity. We have a moral and Constitutional responsibility stand up for ourselves, for each other and for those that come after us. May we come to understand this responsibility and find the courage, discernment, Faith and grace to navigate through the most significant chapter in our history.

May we come together like never before and re-member who we really are.

Amazing spiritual, electrical, capable beings of God. 

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