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We are in the midst of a top down oppressive Agenda. One of the 'techniques' used to impose plans on a local level (that don't enjoy public support) is the Delphi Technique (AKA Delphi Method).
State constitutions often require public approval / notification / input prior to large impactful plans. Agencies, NGOs, local governments often employ the Delphi Technique to synthesize support for projects and create a paper trail, photographic and procedural record to satisfy state requirements.
These meetings often take place after a minimal effort to notify the public.
Used largely in urban areas, examples of it's implementation might be when local government wants to put a DHS homeless facility in an upscale neighborhood or at an important anchor location for downtown commerce or tourism. A large redevelopment project or other sabotage to a communities well being. These meetings usually have a very disingenuous, condescending feeling to them - like attendees are being talked down to. I've attended many such meetings. There is a trained 'facilitator' and assistants that are apparent. However there are often adherent shills in the crowd as well. The presenters take up most of the meeting with an audio / visual filled with warm 'n fuzzy rhetoric. People are often broken into smaller groups with a leader who is often an operative working with the effort. At some point the facilitator solicits public comments in writing. Sometimes it's on a piece of paper, or written on a board. Often attendees are given a choice of a few outcomes, scrapping the project was never one of them in my experience.
When the members of the public wish to voice their objection or ask questions - they are often told that questions and comments are to be at the end of the meeting. However this often never happens citing time restraints. There will usually be photographs taken of attendees for evidence.
Most Delphi meetings I've been to, a child could tell the room was staunchly against the project being pitched.
However, the people's wishes are largely ignored, I'm quite sure their suggestions make it into the round file and concerned citizens leave feeling frustrated and ineffectual.


The Technique is basically about bringing a group of people to a predetermined conclusion, while creating the illusion that their 'input' determined that outcome.
When if fact, the project was a 'done deal' (contract signed) before the engaged citizens were considered.
It's about neutering dissent and preventing the group from commensurating with each other, applauding loudly and fomenting an angry mob of citizens.


The Delphi Technique was invented by the Rand Corporation under military contract in the 1950s. When we search it's history, we read terms like 'consensus among experts', 'interactive forecasting'.
It is often used a manipulative form of passive mind control in a municipal setting.

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