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Biden on 1st Amendment

Biden in 1974


Now, for the 2nd Amendment


(Don't forget, what we are witnessing is a production, a charade to show what would happen to our country IF Biden were POTUS.)

We are witnessing is a persona doing business as Joe Biden.

If the headlines, the 'administration's' decorum has a disingenuous feeling to it.

That's because...



  • Biden arrived in DC for the inauguration on a private jet, not on Air Force One. Now he flies in a smaller plane, obviously not a 747, why are the tail numbers different?

  • Our military either turned their back or stood 'at ease' as Biden's motorcade drove by.

  • Have you looked at pictures of Biden in the Oval Office?  Does it really look like the Oval Office? (Hint: Look out the windows.)

  • Biden has been shown signing Executive Orders but the paper is blank! No Presidential letter head?

  • Why does Biden continue to NOT answer questions?  Biden Walks Away When Asked About the Sacrifices He’s Asking American Workers to Make as He Kills Thousands of Jobs (VIDEO)

  • Why does the Biden we see now look so different than the Joe Biden from a year ago?

  • Why isn't Biden and his wife residing at in the White House? Why isn't Harris and her husband residing in the Vice Presidential Residence?

  • No More Hard Questions: Biden Team Considers Banning Conservative Media from Press Briefings

  • Why has the Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff made it clear that they would not be sharing any intelligence. Nor would he, or his 'administration' be allowed to set foot in the Pentagon?

  • Why wasn't the 'Football' brief case and nuclear codes shared with Mr. Biden?

  • Why were there only about 100-200 citizens at the 'Inauguration'?

  • Why was footage released hours prior to the the official time of the swearing in? Some showing a very sunny day, some showing a very overcast day? In fact, some of the footage looked like it was from his 2016 Inauguration.

  • Where was Nadler and Schiff?

  • Why did so many prominent politicians and previous Presidents look more like they were at a funeral than a celebration?

  • Why does the White House look like a prison?

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