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Before this is over, we will know...
We’ll know what we don’t want ever again.

We’ll know that we don’t want Socialism, Communism or Fascism ever again.

We’ll know who ‘they’ are.

We’ll know what happened to our children.

We’ll know a new meaning for ‘underground’.

We'll know that Satan is real.
We’ll know how being healthy feels.

We’ll know who the traitors were.

We’ll know we didn’t need wars.

We’ll know we’ve ALL been deceived.

We’ll know everything is changing.
We’ll know they were trying to kill us.

We’ll know they conspired,

and it wasn’t a theory.

We’ll know there’s plenty of everything.
We’ll know the MSM lied to us.

We’ll know how far they would go to deceive us.

We’ll know they wanted to take everything from us.

We’ll know you wake people slowly, without ego.

We’ll know that we can have a life, instead of life having us.

We’ll know the Divine perfection of our Constitution.

We’ll know more about discernment.
We’ll know more about feeling, trusting OUR OWN Truth.
We’ll know more about who our friends are.

We’ll know more about ourselves.
We’ll know who are leaders,

and who are followers.
We’ll know that Freedom should be free.
We’ll know what Faith is.
We’ll know that ‘the Truth WILL set us free’.
We’ll know that it IS ‘darkest before the dawn’.
We’ll know how much we don’t know.

We'll know they almost pulled it off.

We’ll know how much we love our Country now.

We’ll know where all our problems came from.

We’ll know how close we were to losing our Country.

We’ll know that timing IS everything.

We’ll know we witnessed the biggest sting operation ever.

We’ll know how lucky we are.

We’ll know that we trusted them too much.

We’ll know what’s been kept from us.
We’ll know the meaning of unbelievable.
We’ll know the meaning of treason.
We’ll know what not being indebted is like.
We’ll know what we’d be like without stress.

We're going to know about gratitude.
We’ll know what we’d be like without fear.
We’ll know what Patriotism was.

We’re going to know who the terrorist really were.

We’re going to know about the Queen and the Pope.

We’re going to know bad things about famous people.

We’re going to know about new heroes.

We’re going to know justice.

We’re going to know that Karma is real.

We’re going to know just how evil they are.

We’ll know a new definition of ‘Us & Them’.

We’ll know that Trump played ‘em like a piano.

We’ll know why we’re here.
We’ll know what it is to have a meaningful life.
We’ll know everything was a lie.
We’ll know The Plan was perfect.
We’ll know what Divine Intervention is.
We’ll know that everything happens for a reason.
We’ll know that Donald Trump was chosen.
We’ll know about fiat currency.

We'll know we were enslaved.

We’ll know that everything is connected, not separate.

We’ll know they were afraid of God.

We’ll know that dreams can come true.

We’ll know that some things are worth waiting for.
We’ll know that being of service is sacred and Divine.

We'll know he DID drain the swamp.

We’ll know that the best IS yet to come.

We’re going to know that God is SO GOOD.


By James Bennett             Jan. 16th, 2013

It feels like a local government that is out of step with your priorities.
It feels like they are deliberately trying to crash your economy.
It feels frustrating as you pay “public servants” to seemingly orchestrate your decline.
It feels like fixtures in the community never earn any seniority or right to be left alone.
It feels condescending when you are patronized and disregarded simultaneously.
It feels like bikes and cars are socially and civilly engineered to be at odds.
It feels like you’re losing your privacy.
It feels like your public servants were identified and installed based on their willingness go along with the program.
It feels like your private property and small business are morphing from an asset to a liability.
It feels like your being taxed and regulated redundantly for reasons that seem to defy your senses.
It feels like your rights are a relationship of someone else’s convenience.
It feels like your civil process has been reduced to disingenuous charade.
It feels like belonging to a club with ever increasing dues, but less and less services.
It feels like more and more of your favorite wilderness is off limits.
It feels like someone else is orchestrating your town.
It feels like you have been betrayed.
It feels like you’re being lied to.
It feels like they’re always talking lack, scarcity and shortages.
It feels like the line between public and private is indiscernible.

It feels like government is picking winners and losers, not the free market.
It feels like city hall is trying to impose themselves on your landscape, like a big municipal male dog; marking on your town.
It feels like your community is being divided against your will or choice.
It feels like neighborhood groups don’t represent your neighborhood.
It feels like agriculture and anything in the country is under assault.
It feels like common sense is a thing of the past.
It feels like your town belongs to someone else.
It feels like birds and critters you’ve never seen are more important than your property rights.
It feels like much of your culture was about cars; now they’re bad.
It feels like government employees make too much money.
It feels like your opinion doesn’t matter.
It feels like city hall has been brainwashed to think they know what’s best for you.
It feels like the local paper and local government have merged.
It feels like your own representation is on a different team, sabotaging your very well being.
It feels disingenuous, like a much-less-than authentic effort is being set forth on your behalf.
It feels like the only things they care about are wasting money and installing more Smart Growth.
It feels like you are an outsider in your own community.
It feels like important decisions are a done deal before you even know about them.

It feels like oppression. 

It feels urgent, like if you don’t do something, your community and your abundance will be gone.
It looks like streets are getting smaller and bike lanes are getting bigger.

It looks more and more like a police state with road blocks.
It looks like faux quaint stack ‘n pack development.
It looks like your property isn’t your property anymore.
It looks like they prefer electricity over plentiful natural gas.
It looks like a lot of terms you’ve never heard of before.
It looks like all kinds of weird parking stuff downtown.
It looks like Smart Meters being forced on citizens.
It looks like more and more homeless, without a place to go.
It looks like contrails in the sky that linger for hours.
It looks like everything in the country is getting defunded.
It feels like all you do is pay taxes for things you don’t like.

It looks like little farms, ranches and dairies are having a hard time.
It looks like your water bill is going up even though there’s plenty of water. 
It looks like “Roundabouts” where intersections used to be.
It looks like bikes and cars are being forced to collide on the road.
It looks like businesses with “Coming Soon” signs for a year.
It looks like they really like bikes ‘n trains.
It looks like less and less parking, except at the mall.
It looks like they’re trying to make traffic worse.
It looks like all the new stuff is a mall or a stack ‘n pack.
It looks like empty parcels in seemingly desirable locations.
It looks like local small business’ that used to define your town are being deliberately sabotaged through parking manipulations or bypassed completely

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