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Our thoughts (and words) matter. In fact it has been proven that our thoughts can and do effect tangible change in the physical realm.

On a repeatable quantum level.

In fact our DNA is programmable and holds memory.

Both positive, and negative.

This is why it's been written that I AM are the two of most powerful words we can ever use.

When one of us visualize, embrace, pray for a higher good, we can manifest. 

When two or more do, it is exponentially much more powerful.

It has never been more important (or effective) for us to embrace the amazing future coming our way.

It's important to pray for Trump, the Alliance and the amazing brave Patriots.

They are dealing with the most powerful, evil entities on (and in) the Planet.

The Cabal has spread to most all aspects, systems and groups in our World.

This chapter represents a culmination of hundreds of years in planning on their part.

Most of us did not live up to the social contract that is our Constitution.

It provided for our engagement, and a responsibility to be Patriots and protect our Republic.

The People did not.

The takeover of our Country was almost complete.

It has been saved for us.

Through Divine intervention and heroes doing Divine work.


Pay forward, be of service to others, help others navigate through The Shift in a loving way when they are receptive.

This will be a time that more people find Faith than ever before.

As the Truth comes out, and more and more come to understand the evil that was in our midst.

As more come to understand what was happening, and what did happen.

As they learn about NESARA, the abundance it brings, it's tenets and the responsibility that comes with it.

More and more will know that what we are witnessing is the manifestation of God in the physical realm.

Patients, gratitude, humble appreciation and Love for all of God's gifts is appropriate at this amazing, transformative time.

Feel just how Loved we are.

God is in us, and so it is.

"If you wish to understand the Universe  think of energy, frequency and vibration.“            - Nicola Tesla

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